HMA Ultra-Thin

HMA Ultra-Thin:  The High Value Pavement Enhancement

As a pavement reaches about 75 percent of its service life, its rate of deterioration accelerates - sometimes even doubles.  Without preventive maintenance over the course of its life cycle, the costs to restore that pavement can more than quadruple.

 HMA Ultra-Thin Makes Dollars and Sense

Most common surface maintenance treatments only delay the inevitable.  But a thin overlay of hot-mix asphalt - such as HMA Ultra-Thin - not only provides a new pavement surface for a fraction of the cost of starting over, it's the only preventive maintenance technique that adds structural value to the roadway, while helping to extend a pavement's service life.

HMA Ultra-Thin offers a simple, cost effective way to maintain roads and streets, as it protects your investment in them.  A hot mix asphalt treatment designed specifically for thin lift (3/4 inch) placement, HMA Ultra-Thin was developed for structurally sound pavements that are showing signs of aging, oxidation or minor surface disintegration.  You end up with a stronger, more beautiful pavement that improves the ride quality for drivers and reduces traffic noise for the community.

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