Who We Are


Organized in 1950, the Asphalt Pavement Association of Michigan (APAM) is a nonprofit trade association representing the asphalt paving industry in Michigan.

APAM contractor members are the leading asphalt pavement manufacturers and paving contractors in the state. Behind each contractor is a tremendous investment in equipment, a highly skilled work force and a pride of workmanship in building asphalt pavements of the highest quality.

APAM Associate members are suppliers, manufacturers, service companies related to the asphalt pavement industry and also other highway industry contractors.

In promoting the best of industry practices and product knowledge, and in marketing our product, APAM is a trustworthy collaborator with the Michigan Department of Transportation, local and county road commissions, and the private sector. Specifically, the purpose of the association, as stated in our Bylaws, is:
  • To promote the general welfare of the asphalt pavement industry and represent and serve the common interests of its members
  • To promote cooperative relationships and effective communication between the Association and the public and private owners and other entities responsible for specifying asphalt pavements
  • To educate members and the public concerning proper use of asphalt pavements To sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, research, development, and other related activities to advance the knowledge and application of asphalt pavement technology
  • To collect, compile and disseminate current information on
    • New and improved methods and practices in asphalt pavement construction;
    • Legal opinions and court decisions affecting the industry.
  • To foster an environment in which the business of each member may prosper
  • To promote hot mix asphalt pavements as the best value for the taxpayers of Michigan
  • To undertake such activities to further the achievement of the highest quality asphalt pavements benefiting the State of Michigan
  • To generally conduct such activities appropriate to the collective and mutual benefits of its members and the asphalt pavement industry

We are guided by these Core Values:
  • Stability in business relationships,
  • Honesty and openness in our communication,
  • Collaborative successes,
  • Quality in our service, and
  • Efficiency and creativity in our solutions.