Current Committees



The environmental committee is assembled to review and provide input on varying environmental topics facing the asphalt pavement industry. Such topics include emissions, recycling, water run-off, ozone action, or other issues that come up.   A major goal of this committee is to maintain a solid relationship with the decision makers and staff at EGLE as well as other environmental agencies when needed to be active in all current and future activities that may stand to impact the asphalt pavement industry in Michigan.


The Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) committee reviews LCCA documents as they come out from MDOT.  These documents to include LCCAs, Alternate Pavement Bids (APB), Mechanistic Empirical (ME) Pavement designs and unit price reviews.


The Technical committee serves as a technical guidance group for APAM.  They are asked for input whenever technical questions are raised; either through the HMAOC/HMAOC Technical committee or through industry comments/issues brought to APAM.  Typical review items include:  specifications, special provisions, mix design procedures, lab and technician certifications, construction issues, etc.  Also have input on some of the technical aspects of marketing;  mix selection, RAP, Local agency specs, etc.  This is typically done through email correspondence, or by meeting when necessary.

Asphalt Binder

The Asphalt Binder Committee serves as a technical guidance group on asphalt binders and binder modifiers for MDOT & APAM. They are asked for input whenever technical questions are raised; either through the HMAOC/HMAOC Technical committee, through industry comments/issues or political questions brought to the Department or APAM. Typical review items include: certification processes, new technologies, new products, etc


The marketing committee is assembled to brainstorm new marketing ideas and help identify strategic areas of marketing focus for the promotion of the asphalt pavement industry in Michigan. Focus items would include website content, social media postings, event promotion, advertising as well as others.


The legislative committee is assembled to provide direction on APAM’s legislative focus/direction. The committee will help identify how and to whom the Association will promote its message. Furthermore, the group will assess the return of current initiatives and help provide thoughts for future initiatives to assist APAM with its goal becoming a politically known, active and engaged Association.

Education, Training & Events

The education, training & events committee is assembled to provide input on the various educational/training initiatives and events that APAM plans annually.  Members will assist in providing direction on items such as; topics, themes/types, content, durations, speakers, venues, etc. The goal of the committee is to work together to ensure that each training provides a unified message and attendees with maximum benefit.

The safety committee is assembled to review and create safety content that is specifically focused on the Michigan asphalt plant and paving industry. The committee will address key health and safety regulatory issues such as roadway safety, confined space, crystalline silica, hot liquids and materials as well as other topics. The group will work to make sure that adequate materials exist to keep members informed and current on the numerous safety topics that exist specific to the industry. A major emphasis of the committee will be to identify, create and implement training and training materials such as webinars, videos, flyers, white papers, etc. that can be used by member employees.

The scholarship committee is assembled to review applications and award applicants with the funds raised each year from the Annual Scholarship Fund Golf Outing. Applicants must meet criteria to be awarded. This committee will insure that the Asphalt Industry continues to grow.

Women of Asphalt is a national coalition which supports women in all aspects of the asphalt industry through mentoring, education, and advocacy, and by encouraging women to seek careers in the asphalt industry.