Life Cycle Cost

For the initial construction and over the long haul, asphalt pavement saves money on construction and maintenance. That’s the conclusion of highway engineers and departments of transportation across the country. The “life-cycle costs”—money spent on road construction and maintenance over its lifetime—are significantly lower with Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) than with concrete.
Plus, maintenance on HMA pavements is a much less disruptive process. It can be completed quickly and economically. As a result, HMA pavement minimizes the often overlooked costs associated with traffic delays, detours and road closures. These user delay costs can be significant.  In addition, the associated disruption and loss of customers can severely impact businesses.
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LCCA Express  The APA has developed life-cycle cost analysis software that uses the principles recommended by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to compare the economics of alternative designs for a given road project. It’s easy to use, unbiased, and free.
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