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Scholarship Fund Golf Outing - CANCELED

Due to the ever changing conditions and the number of companies that have travel restrictions due to Covid-19, we have made the decision, guided by the Board of Directors, to CANCEL the upcoming APAM Scholarship Fund Gold Outing August 12, 2020.  We are still hoping that your organization would be willing to support the Scholarship Fund through donations to this worthy cause.  Thank you for your understanding and patience during these trying times. Please continue to stay safe and healthy!    

Superior Paving Repairs Riot Damaged Roads in Grand Rapids

The paving company donated their time and 100 tons of materials to repair the roadways damaged by riot activities in Michigan.  Grand Rapids-based Superior Asphalt got permission from the city to tear up and repave roads downtown that were damaged by the riot for free.

“I felt, personally, and the company felt, that why should the taxpayers be held to pay for it?” said Jeff Kresnak, CEO The project is a $10,000 job being done as a courtesy to Grand Rapids — free of charge — to help repair the city after seven car fires in the riots.WoodTVof Superior Asphalt. “The city of Grand Rapids is where I grew up and where the company started and it’s just a little bit we can give back.” To view article
Thank you Superior Asphalt for giving back to your community!.

Michigan Department of Transportation COVID-19 Construction Contract Administration Guidance - Revised 4.6.2020
In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is issuing the following information regarding its intention to continue to deliver critical infrastructure, while working with its contractors to help them keep their employees safe.  

The revision to the original MDOT guidance is the addition of a single sentence under the “Active Projects with Delays” heading. The added sentence provides the clarification that on projects where the prime contractor continues their work operations, “project delays are considered any aspect of delay related to the COVID-19 epidemic that delays the project’s critical path, including but not limited to, subcontractor, supplier or service provider delays solely related to COVID-19.”  Click to view Revised version of MDOT's COVID-19 Contract Administrative Guidance (4.6.2020)

Click to view MDOT's COVID-19 Contract Administrative Guidance (4.1.2020).

MITA Releases Industry Health and Safety Video
This video highlights several concepts for creating and maintaining safe and healthy job sites, while also emphasizing the fact that contractors across Michigan care about the health and safety of their employees and partners. 

COVID-19 Recommended Best Practices for Highway Construction Worksites
As our members work to keep Michigan’s essential road and bridge infrastructure projects moving forward, ensuring employee health and safety is vital. The following best practices are provided as a resource. Consult your company’s legal, safety, insurance, labor and HR teams to determine the appropriate practice for your operations.  Please click to view the COVID-19 Recommended Best Practices for Highway Construction Worksites in its full content.  Thank you and stay safe out there!!!

NAPA's COVID-19 Response For The Asphalt Industry
View the latest information on Health & Safety Alerts to keep your employees safe.

Crew Safety: Work Zone Training
Last year, over 25,000 people were injured in active road construction work zones and over 700 people were killed.  A large portion of those included road construction workers. Ensuring workers are safe and go home at the end of their shift can start with training.  NAPA is now offering work zone training, targeted for workers inside the work zone engaged in some of the most dangerous activities. 

NAPA's CrewSafety: Work Zone Training provides easy-to-use online training help employees recognize unsafe work zone situations while helping them understand what steps can be taken to ensure they are safe.  Watch this video to learn more about NAPA's CrewSafety training modules. 

Asphalt Performs

When you're looking for pavement that performs, look for Asphalt. It delivers value, sustainability, innovation and flexibility.  Click on the links below to see the latest infographics from the APA (Asphalt Pavement Alliance).

Value        Sustainability        Innovation        Flexibility
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NAPA's COVID-19 Video Tutorial, Health & Safety Alert, State E-Ticket Programs

NAPA member CRH Americas Materials Inc. produced a thorough video tutorial on how road construction workers can prevent transmission of the Coronavirus. The video is intended to help other companies educate their employees as well. Last Wednesday, when NAPA shared the video on social media, Dwayne Edmondson, Safety Director at Gallagher Asphalt, commented, "[It's a] great video. I shared it with my team today." Versions of the video with English, Spanish, and French subtitles are also available. Contact NAPA Editorial Director Monica Dutcher to request those versions.

Today, NAPA released its COVID-19 Health & Safety Alert outlining current safety resources and recommendations regarding the pandemic. Two important resources are highlighted: 1) A downloadable and customizable COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, which every company should have; and 2) The most recent guidance for using respiratory protection, including simple cloth face coverings. Additional information is available on NAPA's Health & Safety Coronavirus webpage.

Conveying paper delivery tickets from a plant operator to an inspector has raised concerns about COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, states are expediting pilot e-ticket programs by developing interim specifications. Some states have utilized full GPS systems, and other states are working with much less complicated systems while ensuring the safety of employees and contractors. States like Ohio are allowing digital replacement of paper tickets, with details determined at the project level. In Missouri, inspectors are gathering tickets without driver handling and taking pictures of the tickets.

"The state asphalt pavement associations are striving hard to work with their respective DOTs to provide quick solutions that will continue to keep people safe – our utmost goal as an industry is to continue to keep our roads open for our fellow Americans," said Larry Patrick, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Asphalt Pavement Association and Chairman of the State Asphalt Pavement Associations. 

Other Conferences and Events

COVID-19 Update
The APAM Staff continues to work remotely, and will continue to until the latest Executive Order 2020-59 issued from Governor Gretchen Whitmer on April 24, 2020 extending the "Stay at Home Order" to May 15, 2020. Please contact Brett StantonChuck Mills or Beth Wilson through our emails or by cell.  Thank you and Stay Safe!


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